Rick McGuire wrote:
> All of the symptoms you describe would suggest you are not terminating
> your interpreter instances correctly...but that's what I suggested
> earlier...
Yes. Because of that I made sure (and will make sure with the planned
nutshell example) that Terminate() is invoked in the same thread that
created the Rexx interpreter instance, but this did not change the
observed behaviour.

An example which requires "BSF.CLS" (which requires BSF4Rexx.dll):

    say "hello world."
    ::requires BSF.CLS

where "BSF.CLS" has a directive

    ::requires "BSF4Rexx" library

If rexx.exe runs this script, then the loader and the unloader runs, and
the uninits of those supporting Rexx objects that get created in BSF.CLS
(using the external functions of BSF4Rexx.dll).

If this script is run via Java/JNI, then the loader runs, but no uninits
nor the unloader function. It is made sure that the Terminate() is
issued in the same thread that created the Rexx interpreter instance to

To the best of my knowledge no other Rexx threads run for that Rexx
interpreter instance, which is the only instance that gets created by
the application.


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