>> As you can see the line reading "Error 98.900" displays '?' instead of
>> breaking the line at that position.
>> The BSF4Rexx support will create rather well documented error messages,
>> where lines need to be split up in order to be easily readable. (Therefore
>> newline characters are part of the error message.)
>> As far as I recall this was not the case with 3.2 or earlier versions of
>> ooRexx, such that I will file a bug for it.
> You should try it on 3.2 or earlier.  My recollection is that it has
> always been this way.  Because I have tried in the past to put new
> lines in error messages.
> If it has always been this way, then you would need to open an
> enhancement instead of a bug.  (My memory is not always the best
> however.)
Hmm, already filed a bug.

Will try it on 3.2 to be sure and may reclassify it to a RFE instead.

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