Now that the ADDRESS WITH activity is moving along somewhat, I thought I
might revisit an idea that has been kicking around since the early days of
the project. This was a question of allowing some form of call-by-name to
the language.  
I'm a little torn over whether this is needed or not, but the fact that
people keep trying to do this via USE ARG argues there is demand for some
sort of call-by-name capability. Anyway, the prototype appears to be
working, though there are a few more tests that need to be written. This can
be built and played with. 

Also wondering if it's needed .. I've been using USE ARG for this for many
years, using for example:
In the caller:
 call foobar data.
and in the callee:
  use arg data
 admin=data.['admin']    -- shorthand, which could of course use a different
target name

Since there are often dozens of variables it's safer and simpler to collect
them together in some way rather than list them in some specific order and
have to remember which matches which?
Separately, the '&' prefix is horribly C-like, but only on one side of the
transaction ... and C is the only reason for using for choosing that
operator; something that implied a reference might be better?  Perhaps '^',
for 'upwards reference'?   Or even '=' or '<-' ....
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