On 06.04.2019 22:42, Rick McGuire wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 6, 2019 at 12:00 PM Rony G. Flatscher <rony.flatsc...@wu.ac.at
> <mailto:rony.flatsc...@wu.ac.at>> wrote:
>     Findings:
>       * NewRoutine(name,code,sz) and LoadPackageFromData(name,data,sz) behave 
> the same (including
>         not running the prolog code)
>           o both are able to load plain Rexx source code,
>           o both fail for 'rexxc'-tokenized Rexx code (e.g. loaded from a 
> file or a database with
>             tokenized Rexx code);
>               + will therefore file bugs for these two native APIs
>       * LoadPackage(filename): works for both, source code and tokenized code;
>           o however, unlike LoadPackageFromData() it will run the prolog code 
> automatically; not
>             sure whether this intentional or a bug
> LoadPackageFromData() is the bug. The prolog should always be run with 
> package loading operations.

While filing a bug, I re-executed the test script once more, just to find out 
today that I would run
the LoadPackage() and LoadPackageFromData() tests from the same script with the 
same Rexx program
(same names). It seems that LoadPackage*() has the requires semantics, such 
that the prolog gets run
only the very first time the package gets loaded (and merely reused each time a 
LoadPackage*() gets
issued with the same name later).

With other words: LoadPackageFromData() *does* run the prolog code, if the Rexx 
script gets loaded
the first time by it! So this works as designed and there is no bug there I 


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