On 17.05.2019 16:55, Rick McGuire wrote:
> It doesn't work that way. We can't just decide to take another person's work 
> and add to the
> project. This requires a specific donation from the author give us ownership 
> and permission to
> distribute under the project license and copyright.

Oh, you mean adding the project to the ooRexx project? Yes, that would be the 
best! It would allow
all those who look into the ooRexx "samples\api" directories to find also this 
"nutshell" CMake project.

Enrico put his "rxSnippets" project under the BSL (boost software license), cf.
<https://opensource.org/licenses/BSL-1.0>. ooRexx is under the CPL (common 
public license), if I
understand correctly, cf. <https://opensource.org/licenses/CPL-1.0> which in 
the meantime got
superceded by the EPL (Eclipse Public license), cf. 

The question would then be whether the boost license is acceptable and 
compatible with the CPL (or
EPL for that matter). If not, whether Enrico would agree to double-license it 
by adding the CPL to
it. (Any author can assign any number of different licenses to his work.)


> On Fri, May 17, 2019 at 9:58 AM Rony G. Flatscher <rony.flatsc...@wu.ac.at
> <mailto:rony.flatsc...@wu.ac.at>> wrote:
>     Hi there,
>     Enrico Sorichetti has created a "nutshell" CMake project which makes it a 
> breeze to create
>     external Rexx function packages using SAA and the ooRexx native API.
>     The project he created and maintains is called "rxSnippets" and can be 
> downloaded with:
>         HTTPS
>         git clone https://00003...@bitbucket.org/00003481/rxSnippets.git
>         SSH
>         git clone https://00003...@bitbucket.org/00003481/rxSnippets.git
>     It helped me really a few times to save a *lot* of time, hence I suggest 
> to add it to the
>     ooRexx developer Wiki, such that interested programmers can get a hold of 
> this pearl!
>     ---rony

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