On 06.09.2019 18:35, Erich Steinböck wrote:
> To be able answer Paul Higgins' recent question regarding retrieval of BLOB 
> data, I checked
> ooSqlite's BLOB handling - see incubator/ooSQLite.
> It seems that ooSQLite will return BLOBs as ooRexx Buffer objects only. This 
> means that its
> content cannot be accessed through ooRexx unless there was a helper function 
> which ooSQLite
> doesn't seem to provide.
> As I don't know a good reason, why BLOB data should be returned as an opaque 
> Buffer, I suggest to
> change the code to return the data as a simple String or a MutableBuffer.
> Does anyone have concerns?

No concerns at all! :)

Maybe it would be also helpful to add the method "makeString" (and maybe also 
to the ooRexx Buffer class ("5.4.3 Buffer Class"), such that Rexx programmers 
of other use cases can
get at the data when confronted with a Buffer object if need arises?


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