On 07.09.2019 14:22, Rony G. Flatscher wrote:
> On 06.09.2019 18:35, Erich Steinböck wrote:
>> To be able answer Paul Higgins' recent question regarding retrieval of BLOB 
>> data, I checked
>> ooSqlite's BLOB handling - see incubator/ooSQLite.
>> It seems that ooSQLite will return BLOBs as ooRexx Buffer objects only. This 
>> means that its
>> content cannot be accessed through ooRexx unless there was a helper function 
>> which ooSQLite
>> doesn't seem to provide.
>> As I don't know a good reason, why BLOB data should be returned as an opaque 
>> Buffer, I suggest to
>> change the code to return the data as a simple String or a MutableBuffer.
>> Does anyone have concerns?
> No concerns at all! :)
> Maybe it would be also helpful to add the method "makeString" (and maybe also 
> "makeMutableBuffer")
> to the ooRexx Buffer class ("5.4.3 Buffer Class"), such that Rexx programmers 
> of other use cases can
> get at the data when confronted with a Buffer object if need arises?
> ---rony

Just another thought, should there ever be a motivation to make the data of an 
opaque Buffer from
the native side available to Rexx programmers: rather than implying that the 
data represents a
string (makestring would suggest that) a getter method like "data" could be 
used instead. It would
carry no specific meaning of the data the Buffer refers to.


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