Dear all

Unfortunately too much has been said about the subject issue
And more unfortunately it was just a … I think,   I heard somewhere, somebody 
else said …
Without having done the due diligence

I researched a bit and what I found is that …

The casing rules are mandatory for the names of packages distrbuted 
automagically from the system repositories handled by the system package manager
Generally  they are all lower case,  
Fedora  makes an exception for that, recognising the right for the owners(s) of 
SELECTED  packages to use a name of their choice

An example close to us 
Mike Cowlishaw’ s General Decimal Arithmetic package is distributed as

Another example from my real life experience
John Hauser’s Berkeley SoftFloat library conforming to IEEE Standard for 
Floating-Point Arithmetic is distributed as

IMO - with the due respect - Mark Hessing request was due to a misunderstanding 
of the home-brew rules
What has to be LOWER CASE is the the home-brew formula name … not the real 
package source name ( hidden inside the rb formula )
They suffer from OCD  about the naming, they remarked quite a few times that 
the proper name is formula/( plural formulae) , not package

For macports mixed case package names are accepted

Anyway I feel that we should respect the brand/trademark  name casing 

For Apple it should be macOS, NOT macos/macOSX/macosx , the distributables are 
mixed case also for the extra packages 
(They made a public announcement about changing the system name)
Since I am an Apple user I had no need to research 

A quick and dirty research  for other environments gave back

For Debian the name should be Debian,  the distributable are lower case ==> 

For Fedora the name should be Fedora,  the distributable are mixed case  ==> 
And also found the manual 

For CentOS  the names are … CentOS and CentOS-Stream , the distributable are 
mixed case ==> CentOS-Stream-9-latest-aarch64-dvd1.iso
For the standards CentOS refers to the Fedora manuals

For FreeBSD the name is, guess what … FreeBSD, and the distributable are mixed 
case ==> FreeBSD-13.1-RELEASE-amd64-dvd1.iso.xz

My best regards 



A quick and dirty search gave back that 

Fedora 36 provides an oorexx-4.2.0-3.x86_64.rpm  in third party repository 
And they even provide an aarch64 rpm 

Since the repository contains mixed case file names , maybe somebody from the 
RexxLA might want to ask them to use a proper name casing  ( ooRexx )


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