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On 17.09.2023 18:53, Sahananda Sahananda wrote:
I notice that shows 4.2.0 as our latest 
 believe the website is source controlled through the SVN and I find the page source in the SVN at  / websites / main / trunk / docroot / download.html

I have four questions.
1) Should bug tracker items be raised for problems with the website?  I don't 
see any previous ones.
Maybe that is a good idea such that interested ooRexx users can document that something is wrong or outdated.
2) Is it a simple matter of updating the SVN or does the website also need to 
be published somehow.
Unfortunately, I have no idea! :(
3) All the current links to downloads on that page refer to http, but when I go to sourceforge the pages are https.  Does that matter?  Which should be coded there?
Usually the http protocol will be replaced by https quietly. However, it would be better to use https in the first place, now that the unsecure version has been deprecated on almost all web servers.
4) Should this go on a list of tasks for a release?
Yes, that would be definitely helpful such that we do  not miss such an 
important update!

Notwithstanding the above questions I think the html that is needed to be added 
<!-- ###### 5.0.0 ###### -->
                     <th colspan="2" align="center"><i>Release 5.0.0</i></th>
                     <td>Install/Source Files</td>
                        <a href="";>ooRexx install files</a>
                        <a href="";>ooRexx docs</a>

and it should go immediately above the comment

<!-- ###### 4.2.0 ###### -->

If no one else feels this is their task, I could take it on.

Yes, please do! It is really important to get everything up to the latest state 
once the state changes!

Best regards


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