Greetings Rony,

No, I do not have the necessary skills to take on the task. The task seemed 
pretty important, and thus it stuck in my mind.

I am thankful,

Michael Lueck
Lueck Data Systems

Rony G. Flatscher wrote:
Hi Michael,

AFAIK nothing has happened since then. Would you be interested in taking this 



On 24.11.2023 01:43, Michael Lueck wrote:
Greetings ooRexx team,

Reminder of Rick's prior email...

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Subject:     [Oorexx-devel] I think I've seen the future...
Date:     Sun, 22 Jan 2023 17:10:10 -0500
From:     Rick McGuire <>
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Today in a FaceBook group I'm a member of, someone made a post about a remarkable result obtained from ChatGPT. I decided I would check it out, using a problem that I struggled with for two months, then gave up an implemented a less than optimal solution that fixed the problem but was not exactly secure.

The problem in question was the problem caused when the rexxapi daemon gpt created by a process with elevated privileges, which prevented processes with non-elevated privledges from connecting to the rexxapi daemon via the named pipe. I struggled for several months trying figure out the Windows documentation for the security APIs and a lot of time in StackOverflow trying to find some examples I could adapt. I came up empty and ended up creating the pipe with no security restrictions.

So, today I asked ChatGPT how to create a named pipe that only users of the same process could connect to. It immediately gave me a program that created the named pipe using the same code we were using at first that had the elevated permissions issues. Not what I was looking for, but impressive nonetheless.

I told ChatGPT has issues communicating between processes with elevated permissions. It agreed with me and produced a new program that I *think* might be exactly what is needed to close the security hole. I was truly amazed!

I don't know if I'm interested in fixing this myself, nor if I'll have the 
time. However, I want to post the code suggested by ChatGPT in case anyone else 
wants to adapt it to rexxapi communications.

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Did that suggested code prototype ever make it into the ooRexx RexxAPI 
communications code base?

I am thankful,

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