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Not entirely related, but if you guys want to automate some builds, consider using Open Build Service (just call the API, even from Jenkins). Here's an example: https://api.opensuse.org/apidocs/#/Sources%20-%20Packages/post_source__project_name___package_name__cmd_runservice

In this case it's triggering a service to download and compile ooRexx 5.0 from the trunk on 5 different Linux distros, and publish them to a public repository. It supports almost Linux 30 distros and different architectures, and it's free.

Here's my package: 

Perhaps someone could create an account for the ooRexx project. Just branch my package to it and should be set.

thank you for the information and your kind offer!

Maybe some Linux users among the developers could look into this?



P.S.: I do Linux from time to time because of BSF4ooRexx850 and the DBus library for ooRexx that I wrote a couple of years ago, but this is quite rarely the case at the moment. Will return to Linux as I plan to change how BSF4ooRexx850 gets created to a more standard way and will have a need to test that on Linux too. Due to time constraints this will be a few months away.

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