After making sure that TEST.testgroup and TEST_TestObject.testgroup work, I committed  12814 (code) and 12815 (doc) to see whether all tests keep on running on all platforms via Jenkins.


On 29.03.2024 15:43, Rony G. Flatscher wrote:

While experimenting with TraceObjects for anaylsis it seems that the following would be an improvement:

  * replace the OBJECTID entry with an OBJECT entry, storing the receiver/self 
object: if needing
    the identity hash value (e.g. for externalization) one can send it the 
identityHash message to
    get it; it adds the benefit of becoming able to carry out further analysis 
on the object
    itself if necessary, e.g. which class was used to create it, which instance 
methods does it
    have and the like,

  * add an entry STACKFRAME (using activation->createStackFrame()): this makes 
all of the
    StackFrame methods (cf. rexxref.pdf, section "5.4.20. StackFrame Class") 
available for
    analization and documentation purposes like e.g. arguments, executable, 
line, name (name used
    to call the executable), type (a quite informative string for tracing).  
Its target entry
    would be the receiver/self object in case of a method, so possibly one 
could save the OBJECT
    entry above, as it should be retrievable via the STACKFRAME entry.

What do you think?


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