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is it ok to branch off and create folders in the Sandbox branch?

A "sandbox" is an area where experiments can be carried out. In the ooRexx project there are subdirectories by the name of the developers, committers, such that one can use one own's temporary subdirectories there to carry out the experiments.

Can they be deleted after a test? I wanted to make a 2nd short test for the 
next release.

Also, in this context a question: When I look at what was done for 4.2 it appears that first two workfolders were created:


AFAICT these are meant to initially match the release versions. In the case that minor changes are applied to a released version and a minor release is intended, then the changes should go to branches. Once a release gets created from branches the new release would carry the version 4.2.1 in your example.

and then, only at the end, the results were moved to


Does it make sense to do the same for 5.1->5.1.0?
The release version number should always consist of three digits even if the third digits remains to be 0. The reason being that ooRexx supplies all three digits and the name should reflect the full version digits.
Will it have an impact on the revision? I understand that the release should show no revision, something controlled from CMakeLists.txt (according to where the build is taking place I think)?#

If you do a "svn cp" to create a branch or a release this does not change the svn revision number. Deleting a branch with "svn rm" would not change the svn revision number either AFAIK. The svn revision number only changes if committing changes/additions to/deletions of files.



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