> AFAIR there were no complications because of that, there was a request/demand 
> to create a branch for 5.0.0.

I remember it differently :-( having to do all kinds of tweaks since the 
CMakeLists.txt contained items (references to documents) that were not supposed 
to be there and lots of missing items when the release candidate was already in 
/releases. I refer again to how it appear to have been made in the past, but 
maybe there is someone that remembers how it was done 10 years ago, I am just 
trying to make sense out of the logics for making a release with less stress
> Maybe creating the documentation without any beta in the release version 
> should be created off it there and maybe the release documentation like 
> changes.txt and the like should be done there as well. Is that would you mean?

This is not what I mean :-) but it is nevertheless a very good idea. Once the 
documentation have  been finalised it would be great to change it from beta to 
5.1.0, I can change that for all jobs with the script I just wrote (rather than 
browsing 70 jobs manually and look for changes).
> ... cut ...
> But before creating the branch please consult the developer list a few days 
> before that step, such that work in progress for the release can be finalized 
> and added to trunk, if necessary. 

You misunderstand my intention: I will certainly not be creating any branches, 
I leave that to you or Erich or Rick, when the time is ripe. At the time of 
release I need some heads up to prepare Jenkins and I will make sure we build 
from the right place & upload to the right place, the rest of the work is on 
others. I will have a look at the document Rick prepared and try to clarify my 
scribbles there, but later, have to go.
> ---rony
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