After much discussion at the Evergreen Conference, we are going to try
an experiment with project roles for 2.11. In particular, the role of
release manager will be split into two: release manager qua cat-herder
and build masters.

The release manager will be responsibility for the following:

- In conjunction with the build masters, setting a schedule for the
release, including target dates for the alpha release, beta releases,
the release candidate, and final releases.
- Gathering information about what features various groups are
planning to develop for the release, encouraging and communicating
progress, and, where possible, assisting with removing roadblocks.
- Working with Evergreen users to identify people and organizations
who can commit time and effort to testing the alpha and beta releases.

The build masters (the plural is intended) will be responsible for:

- Working with the release manager to put together the release schedule.
- Creating tarballs for the alpha, beta, release candidate, and final
release of 2.11.0.
- Improving the documentation of the release-cutting process.
- Assisting with release testing.

The purpose of the experiment is to find out whether splitting the
task of herding cats from constructing the release deliverables will
spread the work more evenly.

After the development meeting last week, some further discussion took
place to confirm people's availability. As of now, the following
individuals have put their name forward for these roles:

Release manager: Mike Rylander
Build masters: Dan Wells as primary, with Jeff Godin and Jim Keenan assisting

In addition, Jason Stephenson has volunteered to act a mentor to the
build masters.

Feedback is welcome, but barring significant objection to the
experiment, I expect that the release manager and build masters will
be announcing a schedule some time next week.


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