Hello everyone!

I have volunteered to assist with organizing the upcoming Evergreen
Community Bug Squashing Days. I'd like to schedule the next one for early
June and I've posted a Doodle poll for possible dates at:


Following text borrowed from Kathy Lussier: (Thanks, Kathy!)

For those who are new to Bug Squashing Day, it's a day when volunteers in
the Evergreen community work together to try to resolve bugs in the system.
You don't need to be a developer to help on Bug Squashing Day. If you are
familiar with Evergreen, you can help us confirm bugs or test bug fixes
that are ready to go into Evergreen.

(This would be a great opportunity for us to work on reviewing / fixing as
many of the outstanding web client bugs if you'd like to work on that!)

More information is available at

If you haven't participated before and you have any questions about the
process and how you can leverage your skills to participate, you are
welcome to email me off-list, too.

Thank you!

Terran McCanna
PINES Program Manager
Georgia Public Library Service
1800 Century Place, Suite 150
Atlanta, GA 30345

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