Since your main use case is about applying the same message to many
specific copies, like a "digital book plate", it might be interesting to
consider using copy buckets with a new type of, say, "donation", instead.
Each bucket of that type would get its own name and description fields,
analogous to the title and value fields on copy notes.  Here are some
benefits I see:

 * By only having the one bucket for a given donation, regardless of the
number of items, we avoid human error on the note entry.
 * Also, searching the name and description strings becomes very "cheap"
compared to copy note title/value, since there is only the one bucket
rather than a note per item.
 * We already have specialized bucket-related interfaces already, which
allow seeing the item set as a whole and manipulating them together.
 * A URL can already be created that points any user, via the OPAC, at the
set of records with items in the container, and (as a bonus) searches can
be performed /within/ that set.
 * Because we have container-specific logic in the search code already,
it's a (much, much, much) simpler path to add "searching" on name or
description of these donation buckets, rather than copy notes.


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On Thu, May 19, 2016 at 1:14 PM, <> wrote:

> Hi,
>   We are trying to gauge community support for creating, in the staff
> client, a keyword search interface for Copy Notes. We are a statewide
> consortium. Since bib records are shared, we do not allow our members to
> use Local Notes tags like 590 for very localized information like “In
> memory of Jim Jones” or “Donated by Harry Haynes.” The problem is that
> descendants of Mr. Jones and Mr. Haynes himself might come in and demand to
> know what items come up, and we have no way of doing that (other than
> reports which cannot easily be run by front-line staff). Would anyone else
> like to see a search interface for Copy Notes? Also, what kind of
> information do other libraries and consortia place in Copy Notes?
> Thank you,
> Scott
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