Hello All, I was notified by Brent Mills (Sage) on IRC that one of the 
presentations at the conference covered fixing the issue with the series facet 
where the 490 subfield v is included.  So instead of one entry for the series, 
you get one entry per volume of the series.  I just wanted to bring it up here 
in case anyone is searching for it in the future.  I would be for this just 
being included in the default system, but I'm not a cataloger so I don't know 
if this is generally applicable or not.

The presentation was Metadata Abattoir by Mike Rylander

Our 490a data wasn't all uniform, the space before the semicolon is missing in 
many cases, so I adjusted the regexp from " ;.*" to ";.*" so more of our 490's 
would get fixed without needing to modify the marc data.

We also have a bunch of 490 entries that leave out the semicolon, so I either 
need to fix the marc for all of those, or find out how to not include the 490v 
in the first place.  I need to learn much more about xpath and mods before I 
can figure that out though. (oh, looks like Mike explained how to do that back 
in 2012 - http://markmail.org/message/l7cfk7fcj2xmw27t - sweet!)

A reingest is needed after the new normalizer is specified before you will see 
changes in the facet data.  I used the following to only reingest the records 
that contained a semicolon in the series facet, limited to 9000 records in a 

select metabib.reingest_metabib_field_entries(source) from metabib.facet_entry 
where field=1 and value ~ ';.*$' limit 9000;

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