Thanks for the information Josh. We had been running 2.4.4 in the past and 
skipped over the 2.5 series, upgrading directly to 2.6.3 from 2.4.4 (Our 
support company performed this upgrade). From 2.6.3 we went to 2.7.3, 2.8.3 and 
now we are running 2.9.3.

Could simply running the 2.4.3-2.5.0-upgrade-db.sql prior to the current DB 
scripts work, or would only certain portions of that file need to be run? My 
test server is a VM with snapshots, so reverting and re-testing anything is 

Thanks again.

Jesse McCarty
City of Burlington
IT Technical Assistant

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Hello Jesse, it might help to know the history of your system.  What version 
you started with and how often you have upgraded?

The 2.9.3-2.10.0_DBError02.jpg issue is because the 
config.z3950_index_field_map table doesn't exist.  So you probably missed a 
schema update in the past.  Maybe something in the 2.5 upgrade?  Looks like the 
2.4.3-2.5.0-upgrade-db.sql includes adding that table.

Maybe you were on 2.4.4 or greater and missed some updates when you moved to 

Josh Stompro - LARL IT Director

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Subject: [OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Evergreen 2.9.3 - 2.10.3 upgrade issues

Hello Everyone,

I am working on testing our next upgrade of Evergreen (2.9.3 to 2.10.3) and am 
running into issues with the database upgrade scripts and was wondering if 
anyone had similar issues or insight into what might be happening. I have 
attached screen shots of the errors I have been running into for reference.

The first error occurs when running the 2.9.3-2.10.0 db upgrade script 
(2.9.3-2.10.0_DBError01.jpg) and appears to be informational with no impact on 
the script.

The next issue shows up at the end of the 2.9.3-2.10.0 script 
(2.9.3-2.10.0_DBError02.jpg and 2.9.3-2.10.0_DBError02B.jpg) which appears to 
undo some of the changes it had made/attempted to make, but still appears to 
finish some changes.

The next issue happens when trying to run the 2.01.0-2.10.1 db upgrade script 
and this is as far as I got, since it indicates a rollback and no changes made 
(I did try for kicks to run the 2.10.1-2.10.2 script, which failed as well).

I also noticed that the Reingest that is part of the 2.9.3-2.10.0 script gets 
to a point that requires intervention before conintinueing. The screen hangs 
with a : at the bottom waiting for some input. I typed in q (like quitting vim) 
and it then seemed to continue on as normal and I'm not sure if typing q just 
exited the screen or canceled the work it was going to do.

Any help is greatly appreciated,


Jesse McCarty
City of Burlington
IT Technical Assistant

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