Also, because Evergreen’s implementation is so lightweight, you require only 
the most rudimentary of hardware to get started.

For instance, our current selfcheck machine is an old thin client device with a 
usb stick plugged in for a hard drive, running Debian, LXDE and iceweasel for 
the interface.  It works really well for the purpose, and the cost of the 
“computer” comes in around $50 each via ebay.

If you don’t mind using more electricity and having a larger system, any 
desktop build in last 15 years ought to work just as well.

The only thing I plan to change soon with that setup is to get openkiosk 
installed in place of/on top of iceweasel and to switch out the keyboard, mouse 
and surplus monitor we are using for a large touch screen monitor.

Long story short, not only is it there, but it’s awesome.  ☺

Have a good day.


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Germantown Public Library
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