I also have this problem and would love to see it fixed in general release. 
It's a daily aggravation for lots of people I think.

Martha Crawley 
Cumberland Co. Public Library

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>   1. Search box cursor focus (Donald Butterworth)
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> Subject: [OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Search box cursor focus
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> Hi All,
> We have made a lot of progress this last year cleaning up our data thanks
> to Evergreen's flexibility and Jim Taylor. Now I'd like to move into deeper
> water and find a way to make a modification, in the staff client, in the
> area of the cursor focus.
> Currently when a "Record Summary" screen is opened, the cursor focus is
> positioned at the far left margin of the search text box, often with text
> from the preceding search included. So if I want to do another search
> immediately I must either:
> 1. Hold down on the delete key until all of the text is gone and then enter
> the next search command, OR
> 2. Type "Shift/End" to highlight the text and then enter the next search
> command, OR
> 3. Triple click the mouse to highlight the text and then enter the next
> search command.
> As a cataloger, though, I am much more likely to need to click on the
> "View" or "Edit" or "Add Volumes" or "MARC Edit" link. When I do, either a
> new tab opens or the screen morphs. After I have made my edits, I am ready
> to do a new search. However, when the tabs are closed or when I return to
> the "OPAC View", the cursor is never focused in the Search text box. This
> necessitates mousing to the Search box, clicking in it and performing one
> of the three steps outlined above.
> Or, I can "Ctrl W" to return to the Welcome screen, where the cursor is
> always positioned in a blank search box, or, I can Click on "Browse the
> Catalog", where the cursor is never in the blank search box.
> What I would *like* is for the Search text box to always be focused and
> highlighted (Shift/End).  That way I can just start typing to move on to
> the next search. Alternately just clicking in the search box would
> highlight all text, like the behavior found in all Browser search boxes.
> Either of these options will save me many keystrokes each day.
> Now I understand that some may prefer the current behavior, so I'm not
> lobbying for this feature to be put into general release. But in our
> setting, this change would make a world of difference. So ... would someone
> be willing to outline what needs to be done to create this alternate
> behavior in the staff client, so that we can make the change locally?
> Thanks much,
> Don
> -- 
> Don Butterworth
> Collection Management Librarian /
> Faculty Associate
> B.L. Fisher Library
> Asbury Theological Seminary
> don.butterwo...@asburyseminary.edu
> (859) 858-2227
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