Blake or anyone else,

I've finished cleaning up the parts and that went well.  Now I'm looking at a 
list of ~300 volumes (asset.call_number) that have been added with the wrong 
label.  And some of them have several variations of the wrong label for the 
same record and owning lib, so I cannot just rename them all, I need to 
transfer some copy's to different volumes after the first occurrence has been 
renamed.  There are enough of them that I don't want to use the staff client 
since that means looking up 300 volumes.

Are there any gotchas to moving copies to different volumes on the same record? 
 I don't think I need to worry about parts since I'm not moving to a different 
bib record with this fixup.

Would something like this cover it?
  Volume_id is the current and existing_volume is the volume on 
the same record to move to.

    UPDATE asset.copy SET call_number = existing_volume WHERE call_number = 
volume_id and deleted=false;
    UPDATE action.hold_request SET target=existing_volume WHERE target = 
volume_id and hold_type = 'V';
    UPDATE action.aged_hold_request SET target=existing_volume WHERE target = 
volume_id and hold_type = 'V';
    UPDATE asset.call_number set deleted=true where id = volume_id;

I don't see any asset.uri_call_number_map entries to worry about. Or any 
asset.call_number_note entries.  I've looked through the 
asset.volume.batch.transfer method and Cat/ , and I don't see anything 
else that seems to apply.

Josh Stompro - LARL IT Director

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Watch out for 'P' level holds targeting your monograph_part ID's


Conducting Magic



On 7/21/2016 1:37 PM, Josh Stompro wrote:
Hello, I'm working on a parts cleanup project(EG 2.8), and I'm wondering if 
there are any problems with deleting entries from asset.copy_part_map for all 
deleted copies?  I want to purge all the parts that are not being used before I 
start making fixes.  Once I remove the part_map I can remove the 
biblio.monographic_parts that are not currently used by any copies or holds.  
Are there any pitfalls that you know about?


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