Hello Janet,

It appears a late change to that feature did not get fully implemented.  It 
originally exported as MARC-XML, but was changed to export as MARC21 instead.  
However, the dialog box still includes the ".xml" extension by default.

If you manually change the extension to something more MARC-like (e.g. ".mrc"), 
it may behave more reliably.  Ultimately, though, it depends on what software 
you want to use to edit the file, and how that software will interpret the 
contents of the file.  If you have the option, tell the software that the file 
is in MARC21 format.

In any case, I will open a bug about the ".xml" default, since giving a non-XML 
file an ".xml" extension is never going to be a good idea.


Daniel Wells
Library Programmer/Analyst
Hekman Library, Calvin College

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Hi Janet,

You aren't doing anything wrong.  This feature exports a MARCXML file, which is 
suitable for importing via the same MARC Batch Import interface.  You can 
simply save the file and reimport it (with different settings, or after editing 
the records if you wish).

Feel free to reply if you have more questions.


Remington Steed
Electronic Resources Specialist
Hekman Library, Calvin College

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Subject: [OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] REL 2.10 and export non-imported records


I'm testing REL 2.10:
8.3.2. Quickly export non-imported records
When inspecting a queue in MARC Batch Import/Export, there is now a link to 
download to MARC file any records in the queue that were not imported into the 
catalog. This allows catalogers to quickly manipulate the records that failed 
to import using an external tool, then attempt to import them again.

How does this work? The file extension seems to be for XML.

I'm saving to my desktop where the icon appears to be MARC to MODS mapping??

I have been waiting for this development for four years, two months, and one 
week (but who's counting). I really appreciate any help on what I'm doing wrong.


Janet Schrader
Bibliographic Services Supervisor
67 Millbrook Street, Suite 201
Worcester, MA 01606
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