Hello Jennifer, I think that the best you can do is apply a filter on the 
creation time to exclude everything up to the day you want.  But that takes 8 
clicks to do every time, so probably isn't a great solution.

It looks like clicking on the column headings only sorts within the 15 results 
that are displaying.  That is the same way that other paging displays work, 
like the "Notification/Action Trigger" admin UI, so I think that might be a 
limitation of the grid widget that is used behind the scenes.

Josh Stompro - LARL IT Director

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All -

>From our acquisitions person.   A plea for help.   Can the PO list be sorted?  
> We just upgraded to 2.10.5.

  Any advice is very welcome.


Jennifer Walz, MLS - Head of ILS Troubles
Kinlaw Library  - Asbury University
1 Macklem Drive, Wilmore, KY 40390
859-858-3511 ext. 2269

From: Bryan, Darlene
Subject: Evergreen Acquisitions


  I'm working with entering invoices and trying to close out old purchase 
orders because I've gotten behind this summer.  When beginning a search for a 
PO it starts with the oldest first and requires going through several pages in 
order to reach the most recent ones.  Is there a way that they can put the most 
recent lists first and the oldest last?  Is there some way that we can do that 


Darlene Bryan
Asbury University
Kinlaw Library - Acquisitions Supervisor
One Macklem Dr.
Wilmore, KY  40390

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