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>From our acquisitions person.   A plea for help.   Can the PO list be sorted?  
> We just upgraded to 2.10.5.

  Any advice is very welcome.


Jennifer Walz, MLS - Head of ILS Troubles
Kinlaw Library  - Asbury University
1 Macklem Drive, Wilmore, KY 40390
859-858-3511 ext. 2269

From: Bryan, Darlene
Subject: Evergreen Acquisitions


  I'm working with entering invoices and trying to close out old purchase 
orders because I've gotten behind this summer.  When beginning a search for a 
PO it starts with the oldest first and requires going through several pages in 
order to reach the most recent ones.  Is there a way that they can put the most 
recent lists first and the oldest last?  Is there some way that we can do that 


Darlene Bryan
Asbury University
Kinlaw Library - Acquisitions Supervisor
One Macklem Dr.
Wilmore, KY  40390

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