Thanks, Eva, Michele, and Thomas!

Seeing that we have never messed with Hold Priority, all our permission groups 
currently have Hold Priority = 0. So if I want our cataloging staff to have 
their holds "coast" along, I should set their Hold Priority to 1?

Thanks for the clarification!


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MVLC uses that functionality for ILL cards, though as far as I know you have it 

Due to how the sorting works a higher value is lower priority. That is, -1 will 
come before 0 which will come before 1, all else being equal. This is due to 
the fact that it is sorted as a number, as-is. If it is supposed to go the 
other direction then some code changes (and probably an inverting of all 
configured values in an upgrade script) would be needed.

This confused me when I first configured it.

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Hi Holly,

In terms of existing functionality, you can assign a "Hold Priority" to a 
permission group in Admin -> Server Admin -> Permission Groups. By default it's 
zero, and you can set it to a positive or negative number. A negative number 
would give a user in that permission group a lower priority for holds.

I haven't tested this out, but it may work for your situation.

Hope this helps,


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        Hi Holly,
        when we need to catch particular copy of material that is circulating 
at a time and don't want to place a hold, we usually use the "Alert message" in 
copy editor. When the copy is being checked in (or out)  the message pops out 
and the staff is alerted that an action should be taken with the copy (I am not 
sure if there isn´t any settling that could affect the popping out). The alert 
message pops out until it has been deleted. It is possible to apply the alert 
message to more copies at once.
        I think this might solve your problem temporarily (though I understand 
that it might be complication to confirm the overriding of alert message every 
time the DVD is being checked in/out until the DVD is no more on hold).

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        2016-10-08 16:59 GMT+02:00 Benjamin Kalish < 
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                I agree that this would be useful.

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                On Fri, Oct 7, 2016 at 8:39 PM, Holly Brennan 
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                        A staff member needs to put a lot of DVDs on hold to 
assess the physical condition, but is in no rush. We don’t want to prevent 
patrons from renewing items they have just because of our staff hold.


                        In other words, we’re looking for something that’s the 
opposite of the force/recall hold types. A “timid” hold….a pushover that’s okay 
with being sent to the back of the line until absolutely no one else cares 
about the item. It would speak up only after the item is checked in and moves 
to Available status.


                        Anyone else feel this would be a useful addition? Or 
maybe there’s a way to make this process work with the existing ILS functions? 






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