Hi Jordan,
   Thank you for this information. I am talking about the Circulation Library 
setting in the item record as opposed to the library that actually circulated 
the item. The terminology always seems to create confusion. I wish it weren’t 


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Hey Scott,

Basically circulation/hold policies are applied at the circulating library. If 
your library does not have a holds limit then your patrons are free to place as 
many holds as they wish, both at your library and other libraries in you 
resource sharing situation. Same with checkout. I am not sure it there is an 
option to change this in evergreen or not. Our library is in a consortium of 13 
other libraries and in the beginning decided to let each others polices dictate 
checkout limits instead.

I am a bit confused though. If the Circulation library and the Owning library 
are the same then are we not talking about one library.


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I have a question about Circulation Limit Sets. I know the policy is applied to 
the Owning Library, but I was wondering how it would work in a resource sharing 
situation. Say Library X has a Circulation Limit of 5 DVDs and Library Y has no 
circulation limits at all. A patron at Library Y places a hold on seven DVDs 
that are fulfilled by Library X and sent to Library Y for pickup. Is the patron 
at Library Y prevented from checking out DVD’s 6 and 7 or are Library X’s 
limits not in force at Library Y even though Library X owns the items? 
Conversely, if a patron at Library X tries to check out twelve of Library Y’s 
DVDs, will they be able to? Let’s assume, for the sake of simplicity, that the 
Circulation Library and the Owning Library are the same in all of these items.

Thank you in advance for helping me with this.


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