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Evergreen acquisitions really expects you to have a PO. I don't think there is a way to create real copies/items in acq without creating the PO. I haven't tested this in a while, but, my recollection is that if you can leave the "Create Purchase Order" checkbox unchecked if you are adding the imported lineitems to a Selection List. But those lineitems need to be added to a PO before you can create the live copies.

Is there any reason you aren't adding those records through the MARC Batch Import/Export interface? You should be able to configure a MARC import to create copies based on that 962, and there are library settings that allow you to autogenerate call numbers and barcodes as you do in the acquisitions interface.


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I have a rather unusual situation. I want to be able to use the Load MARC Order Record so that I can generate a copy/item record on import, but I do NOT want to generate a PO.

Load MARC Order Record works fine as long as the "Create Purchase Order" checkbox is checked. But it returns the error message "... the attempt to write to the database failed." when unchecked

Is there a parameter that needs to be changed/created so that I can load a MARC record that has the correct field (962 in our case) to create a copy/item record but not generate a PO?



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