Hello all,

Has anyone tried using something like Google Web Fonts in their Evergreen 
installation? We’ve had pretty good luck so far, but using the “Print Page” 
button on the XUL client (Record Display, Search Results Listing) makes for 
some pretty "interesting" results. Namely, the first page won’t load any 
instances of the font and the subsequent page will “more or less” load or 
display garbled text.

I’m assuming this is because it’s not waiting for the fonts to load before 
rendering the page or something like that. Maybe due to print.js or 
print_win.js? Printing from the OPAC works fine.

This could just be what I get for trying a non-standard font (loaded in through 
a <link rel=stylesheet”> tag in 

Thanks for any help!


Brent Mills
Systems Librarian | Sage Library System

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