We have been taking them out of our records.  Terry Reese's MarcEdit
program can generate FAST headings, so if we ever need them for
anything, we can export our bib records, work some MarcEdit magic on
them, and re-import them.

Sarah, I'd be really curious how you were able to hide them from the
OPAC view, if you'd be willing to share!

On Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 2:23 PM, Elaine Hardy
<eha...@georgialibraries.org> wrote:
> While we don't use them, we also don't take them out if they are in an OCLC
> WorldCat record that is imported into our database. They are designed to
> work more readily with linked data than LCSH, so removing them now might
> mean adding them back later.
> We don't add them, either to records without them or to original input in
> OCLC. OCLC does have a program that runs on a regular basis to add FAST
> headings to new cataloging, so they don't ask libraries to add them; but,
> you can if you want.
> I have been intending exploring hiding them in the OPAC display since they
> are duplicates, pretty much, of LCSH, but haven't had a chance. I do also
> agree that they are messy.
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> On Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 3:06 PM, Schooff, Rose (LVA)
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>> Libraries in our consortium (Virginia Evergreen Libraries) wanted me to
>> ask if you guys are using the FAST/searchFAST Subject Headings?
>> Our libraries were saying that it creates a lot of duplication and thought
>> it was messy, BUT what harm or damage would it cause in the future to take
>> them out?
>> Thanks for any replies.
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