Hi Dawn,

Our libraries do not change the status of the item when a patron asks for
the item to be set aside for them.  Most of our libraries place a Hold for
the patron, check in the item, and place it on the Holds Shelf.


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> Hi,
> We will be moving from Sierra to Evergreen this October. Presently, when a
> patron asks us to put an item which is on the shelf aside for them, we
> change the item status to "Main Lib hold", "Branch 1 hold" or "Branch 2
> hold". These statuses reflect our 3 branches and help in searches for the
> items. There is no fee charged to the patron for this service. When we
> check the item out to the patron, the system prompts us to clear the hold
> status.
> I see in Evergreen that there are 2 statuses which contain the word
> "Reserve". Does anyone use these for held items which don't have the "On
> Holds shelf" designation? Also, does anyone have a way to show which branch
> has the item?
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> Dawn Fritz - Circulation Manager
> Bethlehem Area Public Library
> Bethlehem Pa

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