Hi Dawn,

I also wanted to provide some explanation on the use for the reserves statuses you mentioned.

The reserves status is something that is used for academic course reserves.

On reservation shelf is something that's used in conjunction with the booking module. It's basically the 'on the holds' shelf equivalent for items that are booked for a specific time period.

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On 05/19/2017 07:28 AM, Joan Kranich wrote:
Hi Dawn,

Our libraries do not change the status of the item when a patron asks for the item to be set aside for them. Most of our libraries place a Hold for the patron, check in the item, and place it on the Holds Shelf.


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    We will be moving from Sierra to Evergreen this October.
    Presently, when a patron asks us to put an item which is on the
    shelf aside for them, we change the item status to "Main Lib
    hold", "Branch 1 hold" or "Branch 2 hold". These statuses reflect
    our 3 branches and help in searches for the items. There is no fee
    charged to the patron for this service. When we check the item out
    to the patron, the system prompts us to clear the hold status.

    I see in Evergreen that there are 2 statuses which contain the
    word "Reserve". Does anyone use these for held items which don't
    have the "On Holds shelf" designation? Also, does anyone have a
    way to show which branch has the item?


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