Hello.  We are testing 2.12.3 and have noticed a problem.

If we search for an item in the catalog in the staff client and then click the 'edit' link that shows up next to the barcode (comes from templates/opac/parts/record/copy_table.tt2), it brings it up in the copy editor.

We make our changes (something simple such as changing circ mod) in the copy editor and then click the Re-barcode/Update Items button and we get an error that says "error with item update: An item with the same barcode exists".

If we pull up the same item in the copy editor a different way (not from edit link in OPAC view) such as going to Holdings Maintenance under Actions for this Record and then double clicking the record, we can make changes to it and everything works fine with no errors when we click Re-barcode/Update Items.

The screens are the same from everything we can see. The same function, xulG.volume_item_creator() is called in both places in the code (looks to me like the arguments are different in the copy_table.tt2 call though?). We are at a loss as to what the problem could be. It works fine in our 2.9 system.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be going on here?  Thanks!


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