Hi Katie,

PINES has an Executive Committee made up of 9 regional library system
directors that are voted in by the entire group of 53 directors. Requests
for policy changes come from the Directors and go to the Executive
Committee, who then makes decisions with input from the rest of the
directors as well as Subcommittees that are made up of library staff. We
have PINES Director meetings three times a year, and also have private
list-servs for Directors and for Subcommittees.

Other types of feedback, such as patron feedback and suggestions on the
system, either go to the libraries and then get moved up along the chain if
needed or get sent directly to us (PINES support staff).

Terran McCanna
PINES Program Manager
Georgia Public Library Service
1800 Century Place, Suite 150
Atlanta, GA 30345

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> Hello Evergreen community!
> I'm the newly-elected Vice President of the Users Group of the SPARK
> consortium, which provides Evergreen to over 100 libraries in Pennsylvania.
> We are beginning to write our by-laws and we're wondering:
> Are there any other EG UGs out there? And if so, how do they function?
> If your consortium doesn't have an UG, how do you give
> feedback/complaints/requests to your leadership?
> Thanks in advance for your responses!
> Katie
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