Hello all. This is Glen at the Ann Arbor District Library. We are not yet on 
Evergreen, but I am testing a migration, and I've run into a question which 
perhaps someone can answer. 

I have been bringing in test checkout data, and some of the checkouts are 
getting marked LOST. When I look at a LOST item in a patron's record, I find 
that the system is adding a $1.00 processing fee. I have been able to use the 
SETTINGS file to stop the processing fee from being counted when a LOST item is 
checked in, but I can't find the fee itself. It is not anywhere in the SETTINGS 
file as far as I can see. It is not in config.billing_type, although that seems 
like the obvious place. Does anyone know another place where a LOST processing 
fee could be hiding? 

Thanks. -- Glen. 

Glen Modell 
Library Automation Specialist 
Ann Arbor District Library 

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