Thank you, Dan! We shall definitely try changing the max_stanza_size and get back when we find out if it makes our Z39.50 searches work as usual!


On 08/28/2017 03:37 PM, Dan Scott wrote:
Hi Linda:

I have also added this comment to bug $ 1713324 - after our upgrade to 2.12.4 from 2.10, which included a reinstall on Ubuntu 16.04 and a new ejabberd configuration, we had failures when retrieving Z39.50 searches with lots of records in the result set.

It looks like that problem was due to bug# 1709710 <> "Default ejabberd max_stanza_size can be exceeded when chunking (MARC)XML-heavy responses". Can you check on your max_stanza_size and see if increasing that helps resolve the problems you're seeing? That will help confirm that bug.

On Sun, Aug 27, 2017 at 9:09 AM, Linda Jansova < <>> wrote:

    An update on my previous post:

    It may be a different issue as we have tested Z39.50 search
    behavior in multiple Evergreen versions - full description has
    been reported as a separate bug:
    <>. The last
    version where the queries have been okay seems to be 2.12.1
    (tested at
    <>, i.e. via web client).

    To conduct the tests we have been using stock Library of Congress
    Z39.50 server settings.

    Maybe some of the changes introduced in 2.12.2 are the reason for
    this? Such as a fix that allows boolean fields to be recognized in
    queries to the Z39.50 server?

    The error appears when the result set is a bit large, it looks
    like a timeout issue.


    On 08/18/2017 08:57 AM, Linda Jansova wrote:
    I have discovered that it is probably an older issue that still
    <>... Has
    anybody come up with a working solution to this?


    On 08/18/2017 08:02 AM, Linda Jansova wrote:

    We are on 2.12.4 and have been experiencing errors when trying
    to import records using various fields such as title or author.
    From the osrfsys.log it is clear that the records are actually
    found but they fail to come up on the (either desktop or web
    client) screen.

    The error looks like this:

    Network or server failure.  Please check your Internet
    connection to
<> and choose Retry Network. If you need to enter Offline Mode, choose Ignore Errors in this
    and subsequent dialogs.  If you believe this error is due to a
    bug in Evergreen and not network problems, please contact your
    help desk or friendly Evergreen administrators, and give them
    this information:


    We are sure that there is no network failure (and we have been
    experiencing these issues from two separate Evergreen

    Any ideas what may be wrong?

    Thanks in advance!


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