Okay.  Thanks.


So there is no duplication?   Everything in aged_circulation was once in 
circulation and is moved, not copied, to aged_circulation?  It just loses some 
of the info?  Or is it copied and everything in aged_circulation is still in 
circulation, assuming one hasn’t deleted rows in circulation?




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Hi Jim, Benjamin,


There are a number of differences that touch on aged versus not-aged 
circulations.  It's certainly true that circulations can be moved out of 
action.circulation to keep that table size down and that can be useful when we 
discuss things like tablespaces and Postgres.


However, to me the major difference is that the action.circulation table 
attaches back to the actor.usr table, i.e. there is a link between the patron 
and the circulation.  That link goes bye bye when a circ is moved to 
action.aged_circulation.  Some patron information is recorded in aged 
circulations for future statistical reporting purposes such as the user's post 
code, home org unit, profile group and birth year but the patron themselves is 
no longer identifiable.  Obviously, this can be of significant value for patron 



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I’d love to see this as well if it exists.




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I am looking for a link to documentation that explains the purpose of each 
table.  I have found the schema documentation but nothing that explains the 
purpose.   Currently I am trying to determine the relationship of 
aged_circulation to circulation.   Since circulation contains records that are 
older than aged_circulation I assume it isn’t what the name might imply?



Thank you.




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