Thanks for the positive responses.

If we understood the dokuwiki correctly, we are going to make a pull request 
this week as described in the section "Submitting code to the project" section

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It would be great if the code was integrated into Evergreen master! I have been 
searching high and low and failed to come across the your code and some others 
who may be interested in using it might find themselves in exactly the same 

Erhan, there is a dokuwiki page that details how to contribute code: Maybe it will be 
helpful (especially in case you have not contributed code yet).

A side note - we have developed a module to pull external content from our 
Czech provider and also shared it with the community 
 meaning that now it is very easy for everyone interested to find it and 
virtually just switch it on :-).

On 10/30/2017 01:22 PM, Rogan Hamby wrote:
I think adding it as a feature in a future release would be a good thing.  
While not a make or break feature it's a part of the open ecosystem that 
Evergreen users ten to adopt and certainly a welcome enhancement IMO.

Rogan Hamby

Data and Project Analyst

Equinox Open Library Initiative

phone:  1-877-OPEN-ILS (673-6457)


On Mon, Oct 30, 2017 at 8:08 AM, Erhan Tuskan 
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Hi Jason,

If you mean in terms of use and rights, no there is no reason, maybe we can 
call it "thoughtlessness". As you can notice it is just open source and it will 
be great if it the community embraces it...

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Is there any reason that this has not been shared with the community as a 
potential enhancement?

I think this would be a good feature for stock Evergreen to have, and then your 
institution would not be solely responsible for maintaining it.


On 10/30/2017 06:12 AM, Erhan Tuskan wrote:
> Dear all,
> The International Institute of Social History (IISH) in Amsterdam has already 
> developed an OAI-PMH service for Evergreen. We have been using it for a long 
> time.
> You can find here more information about the service:
> For further details you can also contact Lucien van Wouw 
> (<>)
> Best regards,
> Erhan Tuskan
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> Subject: [OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Evergreen as OAI-PMH provider - any plans?
> Hi,
> We are just considering drafting a grant proposal to get funding for adding 
> OAI-PMH provider capability to Evergreen (possibly via OpenSRF and a piece of 
> software which would get data from Evergreen). If our proposal is accepted, 
> then it is rather likely that the project output would be ready by the end of 
> 2018.
> Just a quick question before we proceed further - is there anyone else
> also considering OAI-PMH provider development? (Just want to make sure
> that we do not duplicate someone else's efforts.)
> Thank you in advance!
> Linda

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