I'm still interested in participating. I think it died mostly because there was nobody taking a leadership role to keep the meetings/discussions going. In addition to discussing workflows, I would like to discuss development that could make Evergreen a more attractive option for academics.

My preference is to keep any e-mail discussion on the Evergreen general list. I do think it was beneficial to have periodic meetings in IRC.


On 01/11/2018 08:19 PM, Jane Sandberg wrote:
Hi Evergreeners,

A while back, there was a great group of folks at academic
institutions who were discussing issues of interest to academic
libraries that use Evergreen (e.g. course reserves, cataloging and
display needs, workflows, integration with campus systems).

There's some documentation of this group here:

Would folks be interested in seeing this group return?  If so, what
sorts of activities and/or discussions do you think would be fruitful
for this group to engage in?



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