Hello all,

As I look out my window at a fresh 6" blanket of snow, I would like to
remind everyone that we have reached our "feature slush" point for the 3.1
release.  What does this mean?  From the wiki:

*feature slush*: major planning for features is complete

   - at this point, all significant features should either have been merged
   or at least have LP bugs and pullrequests

As the name implies, the purpose of a "slush" day is not to provide a hard
cut-off, but to encourage earlier development planning in order to avoid a
mad rush for the beta feature freeze and release dates.  Feature freeze is
scheduled for 14 days from now, and the beta release is planned in 19 days,
so the goal is to spend the next few weeks reviewing and revising the major
feature branches to allow for a more stable beta.

In practice, this means that no new features should be targeted to 3.1
after today.  That said, we all have responsibilities outside the
community, and the criteria to be a "significant" feature isn't well defined,
so there is always leeway to make exceptions.  Please contact me if you are
still hoping to fit something in.  In fact, the "slush" cutoff is
deliberately scheduled for a Friday to allow the weekend as a natural grace
period, so there is no need to ask as long as your branch is posted and
your bug is targeted by late Monday morning.

Thank you all for your continued efforts to support and improve Evergreen!


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