Our consortium is currently at 121 members and growing. While individual 
library systems practice resource sharing and we are in the midst of a resource 
sharing trial between three more distant libraries, we do not have 
consortium-wide resource sharing at this time. Holds consortium-wide are set to 
not use FIFO. This has not been a problem, but now one local system has 
requested to be switched to FIFO. I am not unsympathetic: they are a 
consolidated library system with two buildings both within a mile of each 
other. For them there is no intrinsic advantage to opportunistic holds, and the 
current method is unpopular with patrons. However, they  resource share with 
two other nearby library systems that are not FIFO. If we were to switch this 
library to FIFO, what implications would it have for the other two non-FIFO 
libraries with whom they resource share? I am not sure if it matters, but they 
use 3 month age protection.

Thank you,

Scott Thomas
Executive Director
(717) 873-9461
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