Hello Diane,   Our EG/SIPServer setup does include patron expiration info, and 
how much the user owes.  That can be used by the vendor to block access based 
on the account being expired and owing more than a certain amount.  But the 
vendor that is using SIP2 to authenticate has to handle that logic on their 
end.  The sip response just sends the data about blocks in the message.

It looks like the AF field also get set to blocked as well as the expiration 
date being sent in the PA field in the case of the account being expired.

In the case of owing too much, the AF field again is set to "blocked" and the 
BV field has the total owed.

So all they should have to do is look for AF = blocked and then refuse the 
authentication request.  It seems like if you give them a few example test 
accounts they should be able to figure it out.

That said, you may still run into vendors that refuse to handle things 
correctly on their end.  You could also look into modifying the SIPServer 
software to short circuit the patron info/patron status responses.  We just did 
something similar to keep patrons in certain profile groups from logging into 
certain services.  OCLC refused our request for them to make use of the 
permission group info that gets sent along with the 64 patron status response, 
so we had to handle it on our end.  I can give you details on the changes we 
made if you want to go down that route.

Josh Stompro - LARL IT Director

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Good morning -

Do you block patrons with fines/expired accounts from using your online 
resources? How do you accomplish that?

We recently found out that our patrons with fines/expired accounts are using 
our resources and neither our IT department nor the vendors we have contacted 
know how to prevent that from happening.

Thank you.

Diane Disbro
Branch Manager/Circulation Coordinator
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