We use SIP authentication for any online resource that is set up to handle it 
(Overdrive, Lynda.com) as well as in-house for our computer management system 
(formally Envisionware, currently CASSIE from Librarica), our wireless 
internet, and WorldCat.

We control the "block" levels in Evergreen using Group Policy Thresholds. For 
example, with patrons who exceed $10 in fines the PATRON_EXCEEDS_FINES penalty 
is applied. In addition to a few other policies that rarely go into effect, 
expired accounts are also blocked (great way to get someone to let us know 
their new address).

I can't recall ever having a problem with SIP authentication going wrong in 
Evergreen. It's pretty great! (IP authentication seems to always have issues 
with addresses changing, vendors simply losing them or getting the addresses 
confused...) The effort to get SIP set up is definitely worth it.


Holly Brennan
Technology Specialist
Homer Public Library
Homer, Alaska

907-435-3154 (direct)
907-235-3180 (main desk)

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Good morning -

Do you block patrons with fines/expired accounts from using your online 
resources? How do you accomplish that?

We recently found out that our patrons with fines/expired accounts are using 
our resources and neither our IT department nor the vendors we have contacted 
know how to prevent that from happening.

Thank you.

Diane Disbro
Branch Manager/Circulation Coordinator
Union Branch
Scenic Regional Library
308 Hawthorne Drive
Union, MO     63084
(636) 583-3224

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