Hello all,

I am pleased to announce that the first (and likely only) beta release for
Evergreen 3.1 is available on the main Evergreen downloads page:


Being a beta release, Evergreen 3.1 is now considered to be feature
frozen.  Overall, we can all be proud of the work done by a large group of
people during the final review push for the beta, as I believe 14 of the 19
potential feature branches identified were able to make it into the
release.  For a simple summary of what is included in this beta, please
consult the milestone listing on Launchpad:


Now, of course, we turn our attention to the final phases.  Here are the
last remaining pieces of our original timeline:

Mar 21: 3.1.0 release candidate and string freeze
Mar 28: 3.1.0 RELEASE

A preliminary list of things scheduled for inclusion in the RC can be seen
here, but I expect this list to grow as more issues are discovered and more
branches are offered:


Depending on what problems might surface, there *may* also be a second beta
release before March 21, but I don't expect that to affect the overall
outcome by more than a few days, as needed.

In closing, thank you to everyone who continues to play a part in advancing
the Evergreen project.


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