Hello Dan,

We are still on 2.10 using the XUL client, so maybe the 520 display anomaly has 
been fixed in a later version.  I’ll make a note to check back once we are on a 
more modern version.

Would it be accurate to say that characters like & in the marc editor are 
encoded as html entities in the biblio.record_entry.marc since they are stored 
as marc xml?

The record that I was looking at was one of the free overdrive records, which 
are very very very rough, so it wouldn’t surprise me that they are grabbing the 
520 from a web page and not being very careful with encoding.  I just looked 
for occurrences of ‘&amp’ and there are only 344 of them and all but 3 are 
from the free overdrive records.  There are also quite a few instances(6000) of 
— (em dash), again they are all the free overdrive records.  I guess 
we get what we pay for.

I’m tempted to just use regexp_replace against biblio.record_entry to try and 
clean these up, like the example here: 

Josh Stompro - LARL IT Director

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Hi Josh:
Quick question: XUL or web staff client? And version?

In theory, what you see is what you should get - MARC has no idea what HTML 
entities are, so "&amp;" in the editor should be displayed as "&amp;" (properly 
escaped, of course) in the catalogue.
If you see &amp;amp; in the biblio.record_entry.marc, it may be the result of 
corrupted catalogue enrichment efforts (e.g. grabbing the summary for a book 
from a website via a script with a bug), and thus should just be corrected 
directly to "&". Unless it's a deliberately torturous book title like "Escaping 
<HTML> &amp;amp; other Secure Web Practices" :)
If &amp; in the MARC shows up as just & in the 520 catalogue output, it sounds 
like there might be a bug for us to track down...


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Hello, could someone give me some pointers in regards to html entities in marc 
data?  Sometimes I see &amp; used in 490a data and displayed as &amp; in the 
evergreen marc editor, and in the catalog it is displayed as &amp; and not as &.

We also see things like a 520 that contains &amp; but it does get displayed as 
& in the catalog?

And when I look at the biblio.record_entry.marc It looks like &amp; in the 
editor gets encoded as &amp;amp;, so is this a double encoding error?  Should I 
ever see html entities when looking at marc data in the editor?

If those should be cleaned up, anyone have any magic spells/queries for doing 

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