Hi Chris (and anyone else with this question),

If you go to your account on the mailing list manager:


You can select an option to receive a daily digest instead of individual
mails.  Just login with the password you selected when you signed up.

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On Fri, Mar 23, 2018 at 10:06 AM, Chris Burton <cbur...@nflibrary.ca> wrote:

> Hi, we recently started using Evergreen in December and in anticipation I
> signed up for these newsletters and they contain some great helpful
> information! I love the idea of having a community of ideas rather than a
> proprietary vendor that you can't get much from. That being said, these
> Digests have completely taken over my inbox as sometimes I get 10-12  a day 
> (11
> on March 21)  as well as all the IT tickets and other things in the inbox
> and have had to move these digests to another folder which gets forgotten
> sometimes (out of sight out of mind). Is there any way to get a condensed
> version of a daily rundown? This would allow me to place them back in the
> forefront of thought again.

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