Currently the digest frequency is set to Monthly.  Other options are
Yearly, Quarterly, Weekly, or Daily.  We can change it to whatever suits
people best.  I don't use the digest feature, so no dog in the hunt.

On Fri, Mar 23, 2018 at 10:20 AM, Jason Stephenson <> wrote:

> Rogan, et al.
> I believe Chris's complaint is that the digests have become more frequent.
> They have become more frequent because there has been an uptick in
> traffic to the list overall.
> The number of digests sent per day can be reduced if the digest size
> threshold setting is adjusted upward. (NOTE: I do not run this list, so
> that is not in my power.)
> The number of digests can be limited to 1 per day by unsetting the size
> threshold. However, the resulting digests may be large enough to cause
> delivery issues with some mail servers.
> HtH,
> Jason

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