Seem randomly to me. Attached is what I see. The right column is the sequence I scanned the items, from top to bottom. The left is how they appear in the bucket.

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Quoting Elaine Hardy <>:

I got a report of this yesterday from one of our catalogers. I haven't had
a chance to look into it yet to see what order it loads the bucket from
item status but she thought it was reverse from the item status. She was
trying to get a correct count of items in a bucket since deleted items
loaded by file and then sent to a bucket don't display but are in the count
for the bucket. She ended up uploading the file into item status twice and
the order was different each time

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Has anyone else run into this? In XUL, if you add barcodes to Copy Buckets
by scanning them into Pending Copies, they keep getting added to the top of
the list unless you choose an alternate sort. In other words, the default
sort is reverse time entered. In the Web Client, well, first there are no
column sort options, but, when you scan in the barcodes, they appear in an
order that seems random (at least I’ve been unable to deduce the logic). Am
I missing something?


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