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With Launchpad, there's no automated severity level assigned to new bugs;
they all start as "undecided" actually.  Having the number of people
affected can be useful in guiding bug wrangler volunteers to help choose
the level, but it is not explicitly linked.  It's still up to the community
to choose the level they wish to see applied to the bug.  And this does not
necessarily drive bug fixes by the community; it's still up to the
developers/contributors/organizations to decide on their own importance to
resolving bugs and devising solutions.

>From the bug wrangler FAQ page in Evergreen's wiki (
https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=dev:bug_wrangler:faq) with some
general guidelines for bug importance settings:

Bug Importance Definitions

   - *Critical* - Showstopper: breaks build, destroys data.
   - *High* - Must be fixed by release.
   - *Medium* - Normal Severity
   - *Low* - Not very important.
   - *Wishlist* - Feature requests, development ideas/proposals
   - *Undecided* - The default status. This bug is awaiting proper
   importance and status value

-- Ben

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> Hi,
>    We ran into this bug today: https://bugs.launchpad.net/
> evergreen/+bug/1735539. It says “This bug affects you and 13 other
> people” which is high in the scheme of thing, but it has an importance of
> Medium. How is Importance determined? In this case the bug has a
> workaround. Does that get factored in?
> Scott
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