I have added the following dates to the Evergreen community calendar [1]
for the 3.2 release schedule:

Aug 17: Feature slush

Aug 31: Feature freeze / string slush

Sep 5:  Beta release

Sep 19: RC release / string freeze

Sep 25: General release

Later I'll post a poll for selecting a week for the Feedback Fest.  I'm
thinking July-ish.


At this time I also ask anyone developing/funding significant changes to
Evergreen that are expected to be ready by the Fall 3.2 release please add
an entry to the roadmap wiki page:


I expect this list will shuffle some during next week's conference, so
let's plan to have all of the major entries noted by the following week,
May 11.



[1] https://evergreen-ils.org/communicate/calendar/

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